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Schindler 7000

A smart solution for your high-rise building

The world's population is increasing. More and more people are moving to cities, urbanization is growing. There is a need for taller buildings with more efficient and more innovative mobile solutions.
  • Load capacity of a single cabin (single-deck): 2000 kg.
  • Load capacity of the double cabin (double-deck): 2 x 2000 kg.
  • Lifting height: up to 500 m.
  • Speed: up to 10 m/s

Technological solutions for the entire life cycle of the building

Designing, installation, operation and maintenance

The portfolio of high-rise buildings in which Schindler equipment is installed it is proof of our experience and capabilities. You can rely on our highly qualified specialists who provide an unprecedented level of service and quality throughout the entire life cycle of your building. Our solutions are suitable for every stage of construction.

Design that combines form and functionality

Our philosophy is to listen to our customers. We aspire to make the vision of each of our clients a reality, understanding simple and important goals:
  • Type of building
  • The role played by the building in the city
  • The status of the structure in the global high-rise buildings market

Installation - innovative methods of equipment installation

  • Safe, efficient and independent installation methodology
  • Movement throughout the entire construction period
  • Long-term experience and know-how in managing large projects with the support of the Schindler Top Range Excellence (TREX) Program
  • Ease of use on the construction site

Operation - optimization of the movement of passengers and cargo

  • Taking into account all the parameters of your high-rise building as a whole and creating an adequate solution for the efficient and smooth movement of people and goods
  • Providing efficient and environmentally optimized solutions
  • Suggestion by the "PORT technologies" industry-leading transit system
  • Creation of safe and comfortable work for users of elevator systems

Maintenance - the use of new technologies and intelligent systems

Meeting the needs of our customers is part of Schindler's corporate ethos.

Our priority is to transport a billion people continuously every day.
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