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PORT technology

A smart passenger redirection solution that carries people. It's smarter now.
Schindler has redefined performance boundaries with a third-generation intelligent passenger guidance system. Schindler's PORT Technology revolutionizes the technique of optimizing traffic flow through the building, while providing individualized service and access control.

Available configurations

Schindler's PORT Technology is available with Schindler 3300, 5500 and 7000 for medium and high-rise buildings. Whether the building has a Schindler system or not, it can also be used to upgrade existing structures.

Features and advantages

Access Solutions - From rich predictive access to touch-free operation, Schindler's PORT Technology provides solutions to move people more efficiently.

Personal service - Schindler's PORT Technology allows individual profiles to provide the user with unparalleled flexibility and unique personal service capabilities.

Access Control - Schindler's PORT Technology plays an important role in managing and controlling access to your building.

Schindler PORT video (English version)

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Schindler PORT technology
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